Pos-D™ positive-displacement pipette for volatile liquids and liquids with high density or viscosity.

Ergonomic positive displacement pipette

METTLER TOLEDO’s Positive Displacement Pipette Pos-D is an ergonomic positive displacement pipette designed for handling problem liquids easily. The Pos-D is particularly suited for liquids with high viscosities, densities, or vapor pressures. A disposable piston, which moves inside a plastic capillary, comes into direct contact with the liquid. The piston’s positive wiping action against the capillary wall assures total dispensing without droplets.

With the disposable pistons and capillaries, positive displacement completely removes cross-contamination from samples, aerosols, or pipette.

The pre-assembled capillary tips are user-friendly and also fit Gilson Microman®.

  • Easy grip is possible with fingerhook
  • Ergonomic design with comfortable feel
  • Provides volume control and constantly visible display
  • It is easy to load with pre-assembled tips in racks