Premium Tissue Processing Leica PELORIS II from Leica

As a single-system processor for various tissue sizes and types including fatty specimens such as breast tissue, Leica PELORIS II enables premium tissue processing for all laboratory needs—eliminating the necessity for different instruments to process different tissues.

PELORIS II offers unrestricted processing because no special grossing is needed, and provides options for routine and molecular testing with the same superior quality. Standardized and customizable processing protocols allow laboratory managers to match their specific needs and optimize the workflow.

PELORIS II’s open reagent system enables laboratories to modify protocols with their reagents of choice, including Xylene and Xylene-free operation.

Leica PELORIS II meets the demand for high throughput by accommodating up to 600 cassettes per run at full capacity, and helps provide better patient care through same-day diagnosis with rapid processing. The state-of-the-art system delivers consistent results including superior quality breast tissue processing