Prepacked FPLC Columns for Protein Purification

The superior-quality alternative FPLC column to attain purification goals.

KNAUER is launching its latest Sepapure® FPLC columns.

The new Sepapure® FPLC column product line provides new high-quality alternatives for Size-Exclusion (SEC), Affinity (AC) and Ion-Exchange chromatography (IEX). The FPLC column line completes the KNAUER FPLC portfolio and offers the best LC column addition to your FPLC system.

The FPLC columns are provided as prepacked ready-to-use 1 ml or 5 ml cartridge and can also be bought as bulk resin. The media for affinity chromatography as well as ion-exchange chromatography is based on agarose, which is widely used in FPLC chromatography. In the stationary phase or affinity chromatography, the agarose solid phase is functionalized with ligands for purification of recombinantly expressed proteins with His- or GST-tags or antibodies via Protein A or Protein G affinity.

The ion-exchange columns can be acquired as strong and weak anion or cation exchangers. The foundation of KNAUER’s FPLC desalting column is dextran, which reliably separates salts and small molecules from valuable proteins.

With these materials, the FPLC column Sepapure is offering the paramount matching columns to your precious AZURA FPLC system, thus delivering the comprehensive and reliable KNAUER FPLC package.