Product Protection with Silver Ion Technology - PathAguard® ABLiS®

The PathAguard® ABLiS®, an FDA Class 1 Medical Device is a unique bathing system designed to prevent the chance of cross-contamination by decreasing the opportunity for pathogens to thrive.

A Global Healthcare Challenge

HAIs acquired during hospital stays are typical complications of hospital care and one of the most critical patient concerns.

The increase of antibiotic-resistant pathogens together with an increased incidence of HAIs continues to place a major strain on healthcare infection control measures.

Introducing PathAguard® ABLiS®

The PathAguard® ABLiS® represents a welcome addition to your infection control arsenal. The PathAguard® ABLiS® is a unique patient bathing system engineered to hinder the spread of Pathogens that may cause HAIs. The reusable basin is protected with silver ion technology which hinders the growth of Pathogens on the product decreasing the opportunity for cross-contamination.

The single-use liner is protected with silver ion technology offering an additional physical barrier, minimizing the chance for Pathogens to grow.


  • Deters the growth of Pathogens on the product decreasing the opportunity for cross-contamination
  • Cost-effective solution
  • High patient and healthcare provider satisfaction
  • Patient comfort


  • Deters the growth of Pathogens on the products by up to 99.99%
  • Utilizing Biomaster silver ion technology
  • CE marked
  • FDA Class 1 Medical Device
  • Latex-free single-use liner
  • Ergonomically designed system
  • Tested and proven in a laboratory setting
  • Recyclable material

In my estimation, the ABLiS represents the cleanest, safest, and most effective approach to protecting against healthcare-acquired infection during hygiene activity.

Dr Roy Sleator, BSc, MA, PhD, CBiol, FRSB, Microbiologist of the year 2016

The PathAguard® ABLiS® offers a new bed bathing experience to the healthcare setting. It is user-friendly and provides a safe environment for both healthcare professional and patient.

Easy to Use - Six Simple Steps

PathAguard® ABLiS®

The Biomaster silver ion technology functions in a multi-modal way hindering the ability of the pathogens to grow.

How Does It Work?

PathAguard® ABLiS®

Inhibits the Growth of Pathogens on the Products by up to 99.99%

The PathAguard® ABLiS® has been tested for its effectiveness in autonomous laboratory environments and consistently shows that it impedes the growth of Pathogens on the products by up to 99.99%.

Why Use the ABLiS Liner with the Basin?

The design of the system by using a liner reduces patient exposure to cross-infection from reused basins and contributes to overall infection control strategy in any healthcare setting.

R. J. Russell, BA, Mod, PhD (Associate Professor of Microbiology).