Today, hospitals are using a number of home-use blood pressure monitors, thanks to their simple operation and reasonable cost.

The UM-201 blood pressure monitor offers a perfect solution to fulfill the required standards and durability for hospitals, while enabling simple operation and maintaining a reasonable price.

When compared to several “home use” blood pressure monitors, the UM-201 ensures heavy-duty daily usage and offers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).


  • Simple one-touch operation
  • Chemical-resistant and durable body — for easy cleaning according to hospital infection control standards
  • A large angled LCD display
  • Professional cuff with 5 cuff sizes, covering 12 through to 50 cm
  • Handy cuff holder and grip for carrying
  • ESH Clinical Validation
  • Irregular Heart Beat (IHB) indicator


The UM-201 blood pressure monitor gains from highly accurate Oscillometric BP measurement, initially developed and patented by A&D earlier in 1984.

The instrument also features A&D’s Irregular HeartBeat Indicator (IHB), pioneered by A&D in 2001 and currently found on the company’s entire series of blood pressure monitors. A&D’s revolutionary technology is currently used across the world helping in the opportunistic detection of arrhythmias, which include atrial fibrillation (or AFib).