ProfiBlot T48 Temperature Controlled Southern Blot Processor from Tecan

The ProfiBlot T48 is Tecan’s smart and reliable Blot Processor, designed to improve productivity and reproducibility by automating Southern Blot & Western Blot assays running within the temperature specifications of the instrument.

It offers full automation of reagent dispensing, hybridization and washing of strip based assays, used for a range of applications such as screening of infectious diseases, HLA-typing, HPV-testing, etc.

For reliable temperature control the ProfiBlot T48 combines advanced top & bottom heating systems with an integrated reagent pre-heating station, as well as an active cooling system.

Built to improve safety and reliability in the laboratory the ProfiBlot T48 has been designed to meet the IVD-directive 98/79/EC of Europe. It processes the entire assay in a disposable tray within an enclosed environment to minimize human exposure to potentially infectious samples.