Pulsatron MKC Baths from Guyson International

Microprocessor controlled MKC baths allow the user to pre-set exact cleaning times and temperatures, ensuring the same high level of cleanliness every time.

Digital control allows solution heating to be set from 20°C to 80°C in 1°C increments, so that the optimum temperature can be selected for a particular combination of component material, cleaning solution and contaminant. Process times from 6 seconds to 99.9 minutes can be pre-programmed in 6 second increments.

All functions are controlled by a simple four-button membrane keypad. An LCD panel displays the temperature and time set by the user, actual solution temperature, and time elapsed since the start of the cleaning process. LEDs show the status of power supply, heater and ultrasonics.

MKC 6, 14 and 22

  • Simple 4 button membrane keypad with LCD panel which displays: temperature, time set by the user,  actual solution temperature and time elapsed since start
  • Variable temperature control to maintain the bath contents between 20ºC and 80ºC in 1ºC increments.
  • Timer control allowing continuous or timed operation (6 secs to 1hr 40 mins).

Key Features

  • Integral Guyson Pulsatron high efficiency generators with automatic tuning for powerful cleaning action.
  • Baths rated for continuous use if required.
  • Dual-purpose fail-safe, resettable thermal fuse - protects against over temperature operation / low liquid level.
  • CE compliant.