The Quantum FX system is the first stand alone μCT (microCT) system to deliver high quality images at an X-ray dose low enough to enable true longitudinal μCT in pre-clinical in vivo imaging studies. With Quantum FX you can follow and characterize disease progression throughout your complete study using μCT (microCT) at every imaging point. With an 18 second scan time that delivers a radiation doses less than most 2D X-ray imagers, you can be confident that your biological model will remain relevant throughout the span of your experiment. Fast imaging and smooth workflow also en­able the throughput required to scan cohorts of animals quickly and draw sound conclusions from your experimental data.

The small format instrument is designed to fit the space constraints and high throughput workflow of a small-animal imaging laboratory. Like our IVIS® instruments, the system is easy for biologists to use without the need for a dedicated operator.

Fluoroscopy mode
Real-time imaging enables precise animal positioning
Enables fast, high throughput workflow

Purpose-built for small animal imaging
Integrated animal handling
Compatible with XGI-8 anesthesia
Animal transfer bed for IVIS Spectrum

High speed imaging
Intuitive software interface
18 second scan for high throughput
Workflow supports ~30 animals per hour

High speed analysis
3D processing in 45 seconds