Rabbit Monoclonal Recombinant ac4C Antibody from Abcam

Abcam’s rabbit monoclonal recombinant ac4C antibody is conjugated to keyhole limpet hemocyanin.

  • Product Name - Anti-N4-acetylcytidine (ac4C) antibody [EPRNCI-184-128]
  • Description - Rabbit monoclonal [EPRNCI-184-128] to N4-acetylcytidine (ac4C)
  • Host Species - Rabbit
  • Tested Applications - The Anti-N4-acetylcytidine (ac4C) antibody is suitable for RIP, Dot blot, and Northern Blot.
  • Immunogen - Chemical/Small Molecule corresponds to N4-acetylcytidine (ac4C) conjugated to keyhole limpet hemocyanin.

Positive Control

  • Total RNA purified from wild type HeLa cells
  • Dot blot: Synthetic Beta globin RNA probe consisting of ac4C; synthetic E. coli tRNA Met probe consisting of ac4C

General Notes

The RabMAb® technology from Abcam is a patented hybridoma-based technology for producing rabbit monoclonal antibodies. The Anti-N4-acetylcytidine (ac4C) antibody is a recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibody.


The Abpromise guarantee offered by Abcam covers the usage of ab252215 in the following tested applications. Recommended starting dilutions are listed here; the end-user must determine optimal dilutions/concentrations.

Application Abreviews Notes
Data blot 1/1000
Northern blot 1/500. Immuno northern blot (1 µg/mL).
RIP 1/50 (10 μg/mL)