SALD-2201 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer

Designed for the various measurement applications with easy operations, such as wet measurements, dry measurements, high concentration sample measurements, micro bubble measurement etc

Perfect Seamless and Wide Measuring Range from 0.03 to 1000 um

A single light source, a single optical system and a single measurement theory of laser diffraction method can realize the perfect seamless and wide measuring range from 0.03 to 1000 um, there are no discontinuous point over the measuring range. Changes of particle size distribution can be monitored in real-time, because no switch of light sources can realize the short measurement time of 1 second.

Sampler Unit with Tough Resistance to Organic Solvent

SUS and fluororesins are used in the circulation passageways of Sampler Unit SALD-MS22 (optional), so that many organic solvents can be used. Also, when measurement with a small amount of organic solvent is desired, the batch cell SALD-BC22 can be selected.

High Rerformance Dry Measurements and Easy Switch Between Wet Measurement and Dry Measurement

The Injection type Dry Measurement Unit SALD-DS21 can realize optimum dry measurements for various sample particles. Also, switch between wet measurement and dry measurement is very easy.