SALD-3101 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer

SALD-3101 is useful wherever there is a need to measure coarse or dense particles, including the fields of metals, minerals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, environment, river conservation, disaster prevention, civil engineering, construction, agriculture, and soil.

Seamless Cover over a Wide Measuring Range from 0.05 to 3000µ (3mm)

Seamlessly covers an extremely wide range of particle diameters from 0.05 to 3000µ using a single measurement principle, a single optical system, and a single light source. Always achieves accurate particle size distribution measurements across the entire measuring range using a single standard, without data discontinuities from a multiple optical system combination.

Powerful Particle Circulation Mechanism

The sampler incorporates a powerful vertical radial pump with a flow rate of 5000 cm3/minute to reliably circulate coarse or dense particles from several hundred microns to several millimeters in size. This powerful particle circulation is the key technology behind the 3000µ (3mm) upper measuring limit.