SALD-3101+ Acyclic Motion Sampler

Measurement of 120 samples that used to take ten hours can be completed in a mere one hour. Results are output within 20 seconds after sample introduction and the next measurement is started ten seconds later.


1 Measurement Cycle Including Washing Achieved in 30 Seconds

Continuous measurement is possible at 30-second intervals. In other words, measurement efficiency has been increased by up to ten times. This shows a considerable effect in the evaluation of the state of samples with a rapidly changing particle size distribution, such as powder undergoing a grinding process.

120 Samples Can Be Measured in One Hour

Measurements that used to take 10 hours can now be completed in one hour. This is considerably effective in reducing labor.

Merely Load the Sample - Subsequent Measurement Operations Are Fully Automatic

Introduction of the sample is automatically detected to start measurement and data storage.

Labor Savings Comparison Between Auto-Sampler and High-Speed Wet Measurement System

With an auto-sampler, multiple samples are set in place beforehand in small cups or other containers, and these are loaded automatically in order to the dispersing bath where they are measured. When an auto-sampler is used, the only operation performed by the operator is setting of the samples. Though this does save labor to some extent, it does not mean that the measurement time itself is shortened. Normally, the number of samples that can be set in place is about 30 at a single time, so samples must be set in place four times if, for example, 120 samples are to be measured. When setting samples in place, care must be taken not to set them in the incorrect order, which is a rather troublesome task. So, if anything, this increases the measurement time. Time is also required to check all of the data after measurement ends. Furthermore, if any problem occurs midway during measurement, the subsequent data might be invalidated. Taking all things into consideration, measurement of 120 samples cannot be completed within ten hours. Whereas, on the SALD-3101 high-speed wet-type particle size distribution measurement system, measurement can be performed entirely automatically simply by loading the samples. Moreover, since measurement results are displayed within 20 seconds after loading the sample, data can be checked in situ during the time (ten seconds) up to the next sample loading. So, the operator is never inconvenienced after all measurements have ended. This system shows its effectiveness in saving labor compared with auto-samplers since it can reliably complete measurement of 120 samples in one hour.