With its unparalleled scanning speed and high resolution imaging, the Leica SCN400 Slide Scanner has set new standards in virtual microscopy. Fast, flexible and reliable, the Leica SCN400 with patented dynamic focus and custom-designed optics, consistently delivers precise scans at an unprecedented rapid scanning speed. In addition, the Leica SCN400 now provides an implementation of the DICOM Supplement 145 standard for slide scanning.


Perfect focus, perfect image

The revolutionary dynamic focus accelerates the scanning process of the Leica SCN400 slide scanner and provides a pin sharp image of great detail.

Rapid Digital Pathology Scanning

The Leica SCN400 slide scanner produces images of up to 40x magnification – with an average scanning time of 100 seconds for 20x magnification This provides you with the capability to digitize more slides in the shortest time. Take the chance to increase and accelerate your throughput.

Efficient high-throughput scanning

The Leica SL801 is a 384-slide capacity autoloader for the SCN400 slide scanner, which can be easily upgraded in the field, without the need of buying a second system.

Complete solution

Leica SCN400 with Digital Image Hub Solo is a complete, integrated plug-and-play brightfield slide scanning and management system. Get the perfect 1-box solution for scan and share, which makes digital pathology entrance easy, affordable and straighforward