SIRP gamma from ACROBiosystems

SIRP gamma Molecule Synonym Name

SIRPG, CD172g, SIRPB2, SIRP-gamma, SIRP-b2, SIRP-beta-2, Cripto-1

SIRP gamma Molecule Background

Signal-regulatory protein gamma (SIRPG or SIRP-gamma) is also known as CD172 antigen-like family member B (CD172g), Signal-regulatory protein beta-2 (SIRPB2), is a single-pass type I membrane protein. SIRPG is expressed on CD4+ T-cells, CD8+ T-cells, CD56-bright natural killer (NK) cells, CD20+ cells, and all activated NK cells. SIRPG interacts with CD47. On binding with CD47, CD172g mediates cell-cell adhesion.

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