SMZ1000 Stereo Microscope from Nikon

The SMZ1000, one of Nikon's most advanced stereomicroscopes, incorporates a powerful combination of advanced microscope optics and ergonomic capabilities. With high NA objectives and exclusive Nikon illumination system, the SMZ1000 can handle some of the same advanced imaging techniques that compound instrument users have long enjoyed.


10:1 Zoom Ratio:

The SMZ1000 features a large 10x zoom ratio, extending from 0.8x to 8x. This gives you a total magnification from 4x to 480x, depending on the combination of eyepiece and objective used. The zooming knob features clickstops, eliminating the need to remove your eyes from the eyepiece while changing magnification.

High N.A. Objectives:

In pursuit of sharper and brighter images, Nikon has developed a series of objectives featuring high NA's and high resolving power. One objective, the Plan Apo 1x, boasts NA of 0.1 and a resolving power of 300 lines/mm to produce images that are tack-sharp and display optimum contrast with a minimum of flare, right out to the periphery.

Distortion Reduction:

The problems were tackled usually associated with stereoscopic microscopes, namely chromatic aberration and distortion in the lens that cause surface irregularities in the image, and solved both to a high degree. Now you can view stereoscopic images that appear undistorted in all their brilliant, true-to-life colors.

Eyepiece Tube Inclination:

The standard binocular eyepiece tube is inclined 20°, allowing you to observe samples without having to lean forward. This reduces fatigue during long hours of operation by reducing strain on your neck, shoulders, and back.