SMZ800 Stereo Microscope from Nikon

By utilizing an ergonomic design to improve the operator's posture while working, the SMZ800 reduces fatigue caused by long hours of microscope observation. In addition to superb optical performance, this stereo microscope features an array of useful accessories, allowing the system to grow as your requirements change at an affordable price.



An Epi-Fluorescence attachment allows easy observation of living cells under fluorescence methods such as GFP. A Coaxial Episcopic Illuminator using a 12V/150W Fiber Optic Light Source offers bright illumination over the entire surface of your sample. Exclusive OCC (Oblique Coherent Contrast) lighting allows observation of samples with extremely low contrast in high relief. Phase differences can be observed to 1/30 of a wavelength of light.


By using a beam splitter and adapter, a digital still camera or a CCTV camera can be attached. The P-IBSD Beam Splitter D has two ports allowing one photomicrographic system and one CCTV camera to be mounted at the same time. The light to the rear port can be switched between 0%, 50%, or 100%, and the light to the side port is switchable between 0% and 50%. With the P-IBSS Beam Splitter S, the light to the side port is switchable between 0% and 50%.

Zoom Ratio:

The parallel optical system of the SMZ800 has a 6.3:1 zoom ratio with clickstops at intervals from 1x through 6x. It features a zoom range of 1x to 6.3x and total magnification (depending on eyepiece and objective used) is 5x to 378x.


Eight objectives are available from economical achromat objectives to highly corrected Apochromats and a 1x ERGO focusing objective.