Leica Microsystems are pioneers in super-resolution microscopy. The 2007 introduction of the Leica TCS STED heralded a new era of products that break the barriers of diffractionlimited imaging.

Based on the highly regarded Leica AM TIRF MC system and the Leica DMI6000 B inverted microscope, the Leica SR GSD harnesses an imaging technique known as Ground State Depletion (GSDIM).


Maximum resolution down to 20 nm

Based on GSDIM technology, the new Leica SR GSD surpasses the resolution limits previously set by other super-resolution systems. GSDIM and STED are patented by Stefan Hell of the Max Planck Institute Göttingen, Germany, and exclusively licensed to Leica Microsystems.

Standard fluorochromes can be used – no need to change your protocols

The workflow for GSD is based on standard immunostaining techniques and integrates perfectly into existing workflows for fluorescence microscopy.

The SuMo stage, with suppressed motion technology, minimizes drift for accurate localization of molecules

The Leica SR GSD introduces brand new technology in drift compensation, which puts the maximum system drift below the resolution during acquisition. This makes it possible to observe the super-resolution image as it is being acquired.

Online super-resolution image projection – see your results as they are acquired

The Leica SR GSD offers online image projection of the super-resolution image. During acquisition, the user sees the image building up online. This feature puts you in full control of your experiment – you can decide to stop or continue the image acquisition to achieve a satisfying result.