True innovation drives superior performance and versatility in the SY3200 system. From optics to electronics, revolutionary technology provides solutions that enable the complex applications of today and tomorrow.


Key Features:
  • Configurability for 2 independent cell sorters in the same footprint for increased capacity and optimal use of lab space
  • Upgradability to 6 lasers and 30 colors per sorter for maximum compatibility of complex assays
  • High-performance electronics designed by Sony for fast, accurate cell analysis with superior sensitivity
  • Acquisition for up to 100,000 events per second (eps) sorting up to 70,000eps with over 99% purity, ideal for rare population sorting
  • Automated sort setup and monitoring for walk-away high quality sorts
  • Integration with Baker SterilGARD® Class II Biological Safety Cabinet with ergonomic work area and exterior access too most system components
  • Ultra-fast Sense-in-air sorting with high sensitivity and optional Chip Sorting with quick change precision molded flow cell nozzle
The integrated biosafety cabinet option is yet another truly innovative approach in design that is tailored to the unique requirements of a lab performing biohazardous or sterile sorting. In this configuration, the SY3200 is integrated into a Baker biosafety cabinet. This design exposes only minimum system components inside the hood and provides a spacious ergonomic 48 in workspace.
The biosafety cabinet model provides an option for continuous aerosol evacuation of the sort chamber and sort collection area through the Baker cabinet heap filter for a simplified biosafety solution. The bench top system also provides an optional aerosol evacuation system for the sort chamber and sort collection area.
The SY3200 system is custom integrated with the Baker Company SterilGARD model SG-403A HE, Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet. The BSC is certified Class II NSF Bio-Safety standard.