Scale for Medical Health with Bluetooth Classic Connectivity

The UC-351-Ci is the 4th generation of the series of A&D medical scales. It continues to perform extremely well in the market.


  • 4th generation of the A&D telehealth range
  • Internal memory, up to 200 readings
  • Continua™ Certified – to guarantee interoperability
  • Well-matched with UA-767PBT-Ci blood pressure monitor
  • Visual indication
  • Integrated real-time clock
  • Glass plate design with plastic 'bumper' shock-proof surround
  • Bluetooth® 2.1 Class 1/Bluetooth® Classic communication (Windows, Android, iOS)
  • Audible “step off” on completion
  • Kg resolution from 0-100 kg
  • Kg resolution from 100-150 kg
  • 150 kg capacity
  • Dimensions 350 (W) x 350 (D) x 39 (H) mm


In 1999, A&D first invented and introduced a telehealth Blood Pressure Monitor, since then the company has remained on top of the telehealth/remote patient management marketplace, offering the most extensive range of ground-breaking products that integrate pioneering technology and convenience for telemedicine and other healthcare providers.

A&D products have been created to increase the accessibility and effectiveness of home patient management. With a projected 85% market share of the telehealth marketplace, system integrators can nowadays offer A&D devices to remotely located patients enabling them to keep track of their blood pressure and weight at home.

A&D’s telehealth series continues to make a difference in the success of applications including disease management clinical trials, and in-home or remote patient management, and are suitable for health system integrators.

The medical scale (UC-351PBT-Ci) is well-matched with the A&D professional blood pressure monitor (UA-767PBT-Ci) and are available with Bluetooth® wireless technology to offer system integrators a continuous connection between these monitoring devices and an Access Point (for example, personal computer, smartphone, tablet, printer, modem, home hub etc.).

With the seamless nature of these two products, A&D provides a simple means for patients to collect and convey data to the Internet for instant access to crucial results. With A&D’s telehealth range, patients can effortlessly position a blood pressure monitor or personal scale in more accessible places throughout their home and upload the data to an Access Point virtually instantly. These A&D wireless telemedicine products guarantee that healthcare providers receive reliable and accurate data so they can make treatment decisions faster and possibly improve results.