Silverline Ventricular Drainage Catheters from Spiegelberg

Silverline® Ventricular Drainage Catheter 6F
Silverline® Ventricular Drainage Catheter 8F
Silverline® Ventricular Drainage Catheter 10F

The Silverline® ventricular drainage catheter made of radiopaque polyurethane or silicone is inserted into one of the ventricles of the brain. Accessories that come with the device include a stylet, a suture clamp, a Luer-Lock connector, and a metal trocar.

  • The slotted suture clamp is used for fixation to the skin.
  • The Luer-Lock connector is connected to the external ventricular drainage kit.
  • The trocar is used for tunneling.
  • The catheter is outfitted with lettered marks.
  • The stylet is used for stiffening during insertion.

Technical Information

Length 270 mm
Outer diameter 2.0 mm (6 F)
2.7 mm (8 F)
3.3 mm (10 F)
Inner diameter 1.0 mm (6 F)
1.5 mm (8 F)
1.9 mm (10 F)
Duration of use not more than 30 days
Double packed
For single use