Sirius L Tube Luminometer from Titertek-Berthold

Sirius L is a compact and supersensitive tube luminometer. It is upgradeable with up to two injectors making the instrument perfect choice for luminescence flash assays. A variety of sample formats can be loaded and used for injection.

The Sirius L detects less than 0.5 zmol of firefly luciferase. Light collection is maximized through both the proximity of the sample to the detector and
the use of optimized light reflectors surrounding the sample vial.


  • Various sample formats (tubes, microfuge tubes, cell culture dishes, swaps)
  • Up to two injectors
  • Injection with tube and microfuge tubes
  • Dedicated luminescence software functions (single, dual, kinetics, cut-off)
  • Software Windows 8 compatible
  • Easy set-up: USB/Plug & Play
  • Safe operation with positive sample detection
  • Quickstart


  • Single and Dual Reporter Gene Assays
  • ROS Assays
  • ATP Assays
  • DNA Probe Assays
  • Calcium Measurements (injector recommended)
  • Toxicity Assays
  • Mycoplasma cell culture contamination (recommended: FB12)