The new Spark 20M multimode microplate reader offers solutions to suit virtually any drug discovery or advanced research application.

It features the latest generation QuadX Monochromators™, and the new Te-Cool™ cooling module uniquely allows the reader temperature to be set below ambient for more accurate and reliable results.

An integrated microscope allows fast and precise cell counting and live cell imaging in microplates. These new options ensure there is a Spark 20M configuration to increase the productivity of your lab, both today and in the future.

SPARK 20M Highlights

Live Cell Imaging

Automated microscopy enables live cell imaging and confluence measurement in parallel with quantitative readouts.

Industry-Leading Sensitivity

A new monochromator, as part of the unique Fusion Optics, enables unparalleled sensitivity, speed and flexibility.

Integrated Air Conditioning

Unique temperature management with active cooling guarantees more reliable results for your microplate-based assays.

Format Flexibility

Increase your format flexibility and throughput up to 1,536 wells

IQOQ Tool Set

The essential QC tool set for verifying and documenting the functionality of Spark readers in a GLP / GMP environment.

Connect™ Microplate Stacker

The Connect stacker allows walkaway batch processing.

Spark® - Tomorrow´s imaging multimode plate reader with Smart Automation