Spectrometer to Examine Chiral Molecules - Chirascan™ V100 Spectrometer

The Chirascan V100 has a sensitivity designed for the examination of chiral molecules, regardless of their size or chemical identity. The system provides data of a high quality, allowing researchers to probe biomolecular behaviors, interactions and mechanisms.

Determination beyond α-helix and β-sheet – investigating thermo-structural properties:

  • Folding and unfolding can be observed the mechanisms determined
  • Small variations in secondary and tertiary structures can be elucidated
  • Structural responses to changes in thermal and chemical environment can be observed
  • Achieve maximum accuracy and sensitivity
  • Even more possible using Chirascan’s accessory range

Ready to Run

  • Data of a high quality can be collected from the very beginning as the Chirascan system is loaded with everything required.

Component Highlights

  • Removal of gaseous contaminants using a molecular sieve with an activated charcoal filter
  • Air-cooled lamp, controlled with software which also monitors use of nitrogen purge gas
  • Machine uptime monitored with software
  • Monochromator to produce polarized monochromatic light
  • Switching between horizontal and circular polarization with photoelastic modulator
  • Temperature control for consistent conditions and denaturation experiments
  • Heat transfer achieved using water circulator
  • Avalanche photodiode for detection with high signal: noise ratio
  • Cuvettes designed for near UV analysis

Software for Control & Analysis

  • Allows protocols to run automatically with pre-defined parameters
  • Scheduling lamp start and nitrogen supply saves time – with fail safe switch off in the absence of gas flow
  • Nitrogen purging excludes oxygen
  • Automated flow cell cleaning

Comprehensive Thermodynamic Analysis

The thermodynamic behavior of substances can be determined, with the calculation of melting points and enthalpies