SpotLight Two-Color Microarray Fluorescence Scanners from Arrayit

Arrayit SpotLight™ Two-Color Microarray Scanners provide the market’s most affordable solutions for high-quality fluorescence scanning. SpotLight™ leverages new “cool” excitation technology, sensitive deep-space imaging detectors, proprietary high numerical aperture lenses and custom filter sets to capture more signal than traditional microarray scanners, while offering reduced background and photobleaching. Arrayit sets a new standard in microarray scanning with the 2-color SpotLight™ cyanine 3 and cyanine 5 microarray scanners and customer scanners including SpotLight™ Blue for FITC scanning. An Arrayit BioBlue Mini Computer and flat panel display are included with all systems.

Product Description

  • Instrument type: microarray scanner
  • Number of channels: 2-color and 6-color (Turbo)
  • Format: standard glass slide 25 x 76 mm (1 x 3")
  • Sensitivity: 0.1 fluors per square micron and 1,000 fluors per spot
  • Signal-to-background of up to 10X higher than some commercial scanners
  • Scan all types slide based microarrays
  • Compatible with all types of surface chemistries including glass, plastic, hydrogels, nitrocellulose and nylon.
  • Resolution: 10 µm
  • Single image scan size: 1392 x 1024 pixels
  • Single image file size: 2.7 MB
  • Maximum scan area: 25 x 76 mm
  • File format output: Standard 16 bit TIFF (0-65,536)
  • Dynamic Range: >10,000-fold
  • Software requirements: Win 2000, Win XP
  • Computer Hardware requirements: P IV-2.0 GHz, 256 megs RAM, 20 GB drive
  • Standard detection wavelengths: Cy3 (532 nm) and Cy5 (635 nm)
  • Optional detection wavelengths: 455 nm, 470 nm, 488 nm, 505 nm, 590 nm, 617 nm, 625 nm and white light
  • Standard filter sets: optimized for Cy3 and Cy5
  • SpotLight™ Blue offers market’s most affordable FITC scanner
  • Optional filter sets: fluorescein and fluorescein analogs, TRITC (Rhodamine), APC, ethidium bromide, Alexa dyes, and several GFP variants
  • Standard detection label: fluorescent