Spotlight Infrared Spectroscopy Systems from PerkinElmer

Spotlight is a range of high performance FT-IR microscopy and FT-IR/NIR imaging systems that use the same unique interferometer technology as in the PerkinElmer Frontier IR platform.

The flexibility of the optics allows to upgrade the spectrometer, at any time, to include the industry leading microscopic and imaging functionality, including Spotlight 150,Spotlight 200 and Spotlight 400 systems.

Frontier Spotlight microscopy and imaging options include both transmission and reflection micro-sampling, and its Micro ATR option provides information down to areas as small as 3µm. A number of sample automation, detector options are available to suit many applications. Each system is engineered to the highest quality specifications, providing high energy throughput, reproducibility and, ultimately, confidence in the quality of your result.

Spotlight imaging systems reveal the identity of a vast array of chemical components within materials, as well as displaying areas of homogeneity and variation. A preferred materials testing technique due to its speed, ease-of-use and reliability, FT-IR/NIR imaging provides higher level understanding to facilitate your research.