Standard EasyPlus Density Meters from Mettler Toledo

Designed to reduce the risk of errors, the EasyPlus digital density meters are easy to use and operator-independent. They are rugged, reliable and ideal for quality control applications near-line or in the lab.

Simple and affordable

The compact EasyPlus Density Meters from Mettler Toledo have been developed to ease users’ operation and are appropriate for a range of industries whether in the laboratory or near the production line. With a precision of up to 4 decimal places and rapid automatic temperature control, the instruments conform to the users’ industry standards.

Intelligently intuitive

The EasyPlus Density Meters save the time spent on user training, while avoiding operator errors through the intuitive app-based user interface, the onscreen support texts, and the potential to initiate measurements immediately with LongClick™. They facilitate users’ daily routines irrespective of the task.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo

Optimize users process control

The density meters enhance the efficiency in quality control processes, by examining the samples next to the production line. Furthermore, acids, alcohol, density, specific gravity, and more can be measured.

Thanks to the high-quality components and a measuring cell design that reduces the impact of external mechanical vibrations, the EasyPlus Digital Density Meter has resistance to rough environments and provides precise outcomes.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo

Accurate by design

The real-time video view of the measuring cell allows the users to guarantee proper sampling by observing their measurement in real time. Automatic BubbleCheck™ and viscosity correction helps avoid errors induced by bubbles or viscous samples.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo

Green, go. Red, stop.

Users can configure a range of acceptable limits for their samples and facilitate their regular measurements. Color-coded pass or fail data allows users to instantly determine whether a measurement is within the limit.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo

Say goodbye to writing

Users can manage data effectively with the help of EasyDirect™ PC Software. Users can easily create reports, graphs, and track their samples over time. Moreover, users can also enhance the functionality of their density meter with extra calculations and achieve the outcomes in various units with only a single sample measurement.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo

SimpleCheck™ standards

Users can rely on their results with SimpleCheck™ performance verification standards. It is possible to have a simple and rapid verification with a series of certified density standards by using the built-in user guidance. For a more rapid workflow, immediate data entry can be done by simply pointing and shooting using the barcode reader.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo

EasyPlus density accessories

Users can improve the functionality of their digital density meter with an array of accessories.

  • Users can print their results easily and rapidly with the help of a USB-P25 printer
  • Users can scan sample IDs with a USB barcode reader or initiate SimpleCheck workflows
  • Users can guarantee further drying efficiency of their instrument with the drying tower

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo