Specac’s Golden Gate™ ATR Accessory is a high performance single reflection monolithic diamond ATR product offer, featuring a Type IIIA diamond ATR element metal-bonded into a tungsten carbide mount to provide outstanding durability and exceptional chemical resistance. The robust design, strength, and inherent inertness  of the Golden Gate™ diamond ATR element allows this ATR accessory to be used to achieve high-quality spectral data in the analysis of a broad range of materials including those that are abrasive, hard, reactive, or corrosive.

Little or no sample preparation is required when using the Golden Gate™ ATR – the only requirement is that the sample is in optical contact with the diamond element. The Golden Gate™ ATR is particularly appropriate for samples that may polymerise or set during analysis since they can be cleaned off with a knife or abrasive pad without damaging the ATR element. With a load capability up to 160 lbs (80 lbs standard) over the ATR element, good quality spectra can be achieved from the hardest rocks, powders, and pellets. Special anvils are available to hold polymer pellets, to seal in and run air/moisture sensitive samples, and to analyse coatings on wires.

Specac’s Standard Golden Gate™ ATR Accessory is compatible with a range of upgradeable sampling options for advanced ATR material analysis, including heated, cooled, reaction cell, or super critical fluids top plate ATR sample stages. The demountable nature of the top plate is well suited for the preparation of toxic or harmful materials, as they can be prepared in a glove box, sealed, and then measured with a higher degree of operator protection than other infrared sampling methods.

The Golden Gate™ ATR is a Benchmark™ baseplate compatible accessory. ZnSe and KRS-5 lens options are available when ordering the Golden Gate™ ATR; KRS-5 gives a wider range of Mid-IR studies than ZnSe, but with reduced optical throughput.

Features and Benefits

  • Little or no sample preparation required
  • Rugged Type IIIA monolithic diamond ATR element
  • Hard, inert, sapphire self-levelling pressure anvil
  • High pressure load bridge for excellent quality of spectral data
  • Quick-release bridge opens clear of ATR stage
  • Wide choice of advanced ATR top plate options
  • Built-in pressure control for reproducible results