Stemi 2000 Stereo Microscope from Carl Zeiss

Capture the biological specimens and material samples with best contrast and 1.9 to 225x magnification. This true Greenough microscope delivers crisp three dimensional images from overview to small details. Change the best-in-class 7:1 zoom from continuously variable to discrete magnification steps.


  • Zoom range 7:1
  • Manual focusing drive with selectable click-stops
  • Stable manual and motorized stands and durable stage plate
  • Generous free working distance
  • Transmitted light or reflected light illumination based on cold light sources or LED
  • Available contrasting methods include brightfield, darkfield, oblique illumination, simple polarization
  • Universal camera interface for documention with Stemi 2000-C and Stemi 2000-CS

A universal stereo microscope for biological samples

  • Sort out Drosophila or mouse embryos.
  • Prepare or manipulate Xenopus oocytes.
  • Use oblique illumination to image the zebrafish embryos - Stemi 2000 is gentle on the living specimens with its cold light sources.
  • 286mm of free working distance give plenty of room for illumination and manipulation.
  • The AxioCam or other cameras can be used to connect to the microscope's interface and document the samples.