Alere i Strep A provides lab-accurate, molecular results in 8 minutes or less on the user-friendly Alere i platform. Alere i Strep A can be used with ease and confidence in the laboratory, emergency department, pediatrics or physician’s office; allowing you to treat accurately during the patient’s visit. Alere i Strep A is now CLIA-waived.

Alere i Strep A:

  • Early call for positive results
  • Gives you confidence to make appropriate clinical decisions sooner
  • Allows for the accurate detection of Group A Strep
  • Increased detection compared to culture1
  • Molecular sensitivity in an actionable timeframe allows the prudent use of antibiotics

Outstanding Performance

Alere i Strep A Performance vs. Culture

a. Of the 6 samples negative by Alere™ i Strep A and positive by bacterial culture, 4 samples were also negative for Group A Strep by a laboratory developed real-time PCR assay.
b. Of the 18 samples positive by Alere™ i Strep A and negative by bacterial culture, 13 were also positive for Group A Strep by a laboratory developed real-time PCR assay.

Faster Results

Alere i Strep A is significantly faster than other molecular methods and more accurate than conventional rapid testing, giving you the confidence to make effective patient management decisions sooner.

The Alere™ i Strep A kit contains all components required to carry out an assay for Strep A on the Alere™ i instrument. It tests for the qualitative detection of Streptococcus pyogenes from bacterial nucleic acid in throat swab specimens.