TA Instruments' Nano DSC to Characterize Molecular Stability

The Nano DSC differential scanning calorimeter is designed to characterize the molecular stability of dilute in-solution biomolecules.

The Nano DSC obtains data using less sample than competitive designs. Solid-state thermoelectric elements are used to precisely control temperature and a built-in precision linear actuator maintains constant or controlled variable pressure in the cell. Automated, unattended continuous operation with increased sample throughput is achieved with the optional Nano DSC Autosampler.


Temperature Range -10 °C to 130 °C
Scan Rates 0.001 °C to 2 °C/min
Short-term Noise 0.015 µWatts
Baseline Repeatability 0.028 µWatts
Cell Configurations Fixed Capillary / Cylindrical
Cell Materials Platinum / Gold
Response Time 5 sec
Active Cell Volume 300 µL / 330 µL
Required Sample Volume 600 µL / 450 µL
Pressure Control Built-in 0 to 6 atmospheres
Heat Measurement Type Power Compensation
Automation Specifications  
Sample Capacity 2 standard 96-well plates, 1000 µL / well
Sample Tray Temperature Range Ambient to 4 °C
Wash / Rinse Solvent Ports 5 on side of autosampler
  2 for autosampler syringe


  • Innovative capillary design
  • Solid-state thermoelectric elements
  • Reliable autosampler

Innovative Capillary Design

Innovative capillary design attenuates the onset of sample aggregation until after unfolding is complete.

Solid-State Thermoelectric Elements

Solid-state thermoelectric elements deliver accurate and precise temperature control of the sample.

Reliable Autosampler

Reliable autosampler for increased productivity and true “walk-away” automation.


  • Protein required for DSC scan
  • Protein Stability
  • Autosampler Productivity & Reproducibility

Protein required for DSC scan

The Nano DSC delivers superior high sensitivity and reproducibility of data. Using the Nano DSC requires as little as 2 micrograms of protein, with quantitative results identical to experiments using 100 times more sample!

Protein Stability

Nano DSC is ideal for accurate and precise measurements of protein stability. Unmatched repeatability of the heat flow baseline allows for the measurement of denaturation and partial molar heat capacity of proteins in very dilute solution.

Autosampler Productivity & Reproducibility

The Nano DSC autosampler provides high sample throughput. With automated, unattended sample handling it is true “walk-away” automation. The high sensitivity and superior baseline stability allow scientists to work at low protein concentrations.

Automated wash and rinse cycles eliminate the possibility of cell contamination. This data shows the high sensitivity and excellent reproducibility obtained by the auto Nano DSC on samples of different concentrations.