TA Instruments’ Drug Eluting Stent

ElectroForce Systems Group has developed a multiple tube stent test instrument for fatigue & durability testing of coated stents and drug eluting stents for regulatory approval. The ElectroForce 9210 system provides a new standard of performance resulting in expedited time to market and improved testing accuracy.

Through a combination of new and existing proprietary ElectroForce technologies, the instrument allows a user to test twelve specimens simultaneously and provides increased distention uniformity along the stent profile.

It combines high-frequency performance with the necessary precision for particle capture. This programmable instrument is capable of controlled pulsatile radial distension of stents in silicone, latex, or other elastomeric mock arteries, or in straight tubes or tubes with other physiologically relevant configurations (i.e. pulse on a bend).

Key Features

  • Accelerated pulsatile distension for coated stent durability with up to 12 mock arteries per test
  • Real-time particle counting using commercially available laser counters
  • Automated particle capture module and ability to change filters without stopping the test

Technology Benefits

Motor Technology Benefits

Reliable Testing

  • 10-year ElectroForce® motor warranty
  • ElectroForce motor designed, developed and manufactured by TA Electroforce to exacting standards
  • Frictionless design ensures optimal control and long-life for a variety of durability testing applications

High-Fidelity, Responsive Control

  • Accurate control and high-resolution performance provides more precise material properties
  • Very low motor moving-mass provides industry leading frequency response

Low-Force Control Applications

  • No motor friction or stiction provides accurate, low-force testing
  • Excellent control from gram-force loads to 200 N, providing versatility for a variety of tests

Clean, Electromagnetic Technology

  • Standard ElectroForce® systems can be used in clean rooms or incubators for exceptional versatility
  • Efficient electromagnetic power conversion is well-suited for a variety of test environments

Energy-Efficient Technology

  • Efficient power utilization reduces operating costs
  • Lab-friendly instruments and easy installation allows testing to start immediately
  • No expensive infrastructure or contamination – saves upfront costs and operating expense

Software Technology Benefits

Easy-to-Use, Flexible Software

  • Test setup and status window to guide users
  • Customizable windows and views
  • Intuitive and configurable test setup
  • Multiple test monitoring sources

Direct Control Over Your Data

  • Customizable and flexible data collection
  • Control of data acquisition before and during the test
  • Data is stored even if test stops unexpectedly

Real-Time Test Parameter Control

  • Adjust waveforms in real-time
  • No need to stop test to reconfigure major test parameters

Security and History Tracking

  • User login for added security
  • Secure workspace with audit trail traceability
  • File system security to protect test files