The TBAB-MAX incinerator is designed for continuous or intermediary use, with burn rates of 250-500kg per hour dependant on the waste streams available to be incinerated and local laws to be adhered to. Addfield's unique excess air control can increase or decrease the speeds of combustion. The unit will include a fully integrated afterburner chamber that will retain all gases inside for a minimum of 2 seconds at 850/1100ºC prior to being released into the atmosphere allowing the machine to be EU emission compliant.

The TBAB-MAX range is designed as a two stage incinerator unit comprising of a primary loading chamber and a secondary after burner chamber. This afterburner system draws the hot gases from the primary chamber, this ensures a clean (and compliant) burn at temperatures of 850-1150°C.

Key Features:

  • Plug and play design for easy & efficient replacement.
  • Colour touch screen interface.
  • Data logging and USB output.
  • Incoming and outgoing cable terminations.
  • Burner time control during cycles.
  • Temperature feedback and control during cycles.
  • Interface relays and contactors.
  • Emergency stop feature.
  • Security lock out.
  • Cycle status indicators.
  • Fault status indicators.
  • Integrated excess air controller.
  • Operator interface.
  • Scrubber control system.