The TEC2 ULT Biomedical Freezer is the advanced version of the safest Ultra-Low Temperature Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Freezers. 

TEC2 ULT bio freezer

The new upgraded TEC2 TECHNOLOGY comes with Natural Refrigerants and is Hydrocarbon Based to lower GMP. It has 100% redundancy with two complete and autonomous refrigeration units.

The second compressor serves as a backup, and energy usage is greatly decreased.

Standard ultra-low freezers depend on a cascade refrigeration system. If this system falters, the freezer and all the samples have to be removed within a couple of hours. CO2 or LN2 backups only preserve temperatures for about 7 hours and require routine re-filling, maintenance and supervision.

The smartest, safest ULT freezer

The TEC2 ULT biomedical freezer delivers stress-free operation with complete sample security.

TEC2 Ultra Low Temperature Smartest Freezers in Action

Video Credit: inTEST Thermal Solutions

The TEC2 ULT Biomedical Freezer is ideal for COVID-19 vaccines, medical research facilities, critical material storage in biorepositories, hospitals, BSL4 labs, anywhere that valuable samples need to be stored in a safe manner.

The safest TWINCORE™ Based TECHNOLOGY has two cores, two refrigeration systems and two control commands for compressors, allowing one to sustain temperature if the other is incapacitated, offering unmatched safety.

A rapid Dual-Cooling system allows the fastest pull-down (4.5 hours) and door opening recovery times (80 minutes) after a 2-minute door opening.

Frost development is significantly decreased on the inner compartment doors thanks to the interlocking gasket structure and heated door seal.

The new design also features a novel groundbreaking dual-core refrigeration system. The system provides the tightest consistency with industry best +/-2.5 C uniformity that guarantees that samples are stored inside the correct temperature range to preserve sample integrity.

More ULT sample storage is also permitted on the floor space - 50-90% more samples can be stored in the same space. The user-friendly color 7” touchscreen panel facilitates complete user control and the new lockable door handle enables easy access.

The convenient USB port makes the transfer of logged data to a PC easy. Crucial data such as door opening times, freezer temperature, and alarm history is logged for tracking in GLP applications.

Superior insulation is also provided as the vacuum insulation panels are combined with high efficiency two-layered insulated inner doors to guarantee the most prolonged cold retention and pull-up times. It ensures ideal temperature consistency, while compact wall thickness enhances storage capacity and decreases energy consumption by 40%.

The TECensures compact dependable, energy-efficient storage for cold-chain management, long-term or short-term ultra-low storage and transport of biological samples.

TEC2 ULT biomedical freezer for vaccine storage

Image Credit: inTEST Thermal Solutions

TEC2 ULT biomedical freezer for vaccine storage

Image Credit: inTEST Thermal Solutions

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