TINC 101 Transport Incubator from Phoenix

TINC 101 Transport Incubator from Phoenix

This is a lightweight, flexible incubator. It is suitable for all ambulances. It requires just two persons to handle the TINC 101.

This incubator is compatible with incubators and other equipment. The moulded, single-piece infant bed and the interior of the incubator are crevice free and very easy to clean. Multi-position restraining straps hold the infant securely during transport.

The features of the TINC 101 include a convenient IV pole and a separate infant temperature probe. The incubator may be operated with power from a vehicle or the AC mains. It has its own battery which supports it for 3 hours.

The features an optional electrically operated suction module and a user friendly control panel that offers strain-free viewing. Other features of this incubator include a separate infant temperature probe and a convenient IV pole. The incubator accepts a 5 litre oxygen cylinder and an auxiliary 5 litre cylinder. A quick-fitting pin mechanism connects to the cylinder.

A gooseneck lamp is provided to facilitate infant observation even under conditions of darkness. The lamp can provide illumination on any desired area.

The TINC 101 operates on its own battery, which can support it for 3 hours, or on power from a vehicle or AC mains. Its stand is optionally fixed or collapsible. With the collapsible option, the stand self-folds at its station in the transport vehicle.