TissueScope™ Scanner from Huron Digital Pathology

TissueScope™ slide scanner is the most versatile imaging platform in the digital pathology marketplace and will enhance any laboratory's capabilities. TissueScope™ scanner is unique because it accommodates an unmatched variety of specimen sizes ranging from 3" x 1" (75 mm x 25 mm) to as large as 8" x 6" (200mm x 150mm). This whole-slide imaging scanner offers confocal fluorescence and brightfield imaging modes in a single instrument, which adds flexibility for all types of research and education projects.


  • Image specimens as large as 8" x 6" (200mm x 150mm)
  • Ideal for whole-mount tissue specimens, such as brain, breast, lung, liver and prostate
  • Confocal fluorescence and brightfield imaging modes in a single platform
  • The only confocal fluorescence slide scanner in the marketplace
  • Simultaneously acquire three fluorophores
  • Up to five laser sources
  • Automatically acquire Z stacks
  • High-resolution imaging of cell and tissue specimens can be performed in 20X or 40X (0.6 NA)
  • Wide field of view has a scan area that is 5 times larger than tiling microscopes and slide scanners
  • Large field of view results in minimal photo-bleaching and image-stitching artefacts