Talos™ F200 S/TEM - Ultra-High-Resolution Analytical DualBeam™ System from Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Thermo Fisher Scientific's Talos™ transmission electron microscope (TEM) is a powerful, versatile system for delivering 3D characterization of biological and biomaterials samples in cell biology, structural biology, and nanotechnology research.

With its innovative design to increase throughput, stability and ease of use, Talos enables scientists to quickly obtain better insight and understanding of macromolecular structures, cellular components, cells and tissues in three dimensions.

The system’s constant-power, C-TWIN lens delivers outstanding optical performance to help ensure an optimal balance of contrast and resolution. Talos’ ultra-stable platform includes a piezo stage option, stable optics and a rugged system enclosure for maximum thermal and mechanical stability.

  • Support a wide range of users: Enable a wider range of users to access powerful 3D characterization capabilities for biological and biomaterials samples with a fully digital interface, class-leading ergonomics, and remote control features.
  • Get results faster: Extended automation combined with a fully integrated 16Mpixel CMOS detector reduces the number of steps required and saves time.
  • Obtain better insight: Gain optimal contrast/resolution balance at maximized optical stability for observation techniques requiring 20-200kV energies.
  • Improve repeatability and reliability: A constant-power objective lens, piezo stage, highly stable optics, and a robust system enclosure deliver maximum system stability.
  • Do more on one system: Perform the widest range of applications from a single platform.