The Taq Pro Universal SYBR qPCR Master Mix is a special master mix for qPCR by SYBR Green I chimeric fluorescence method. The Taq Pro DNA Polymerase used in the master mix is a novel hot-start polymerase that is modified and advanced using an antibody method along with the advantages of high detection sensitivity, high specificity, and high amplification yield.

Together with the patented specific promoting factors and the optimal buffer optimized for qPCR, it significantly enhances the qPCR amplification yield, with an ultra-high plateau value.

It is suitable for qPCR amplification with high sensitivity and specificity. The Taq Pro Universal SYBR qPCR Master Mix consists of a novel ROX Reference Dye that is appropriate for all qPCR instruments. There is no need to adjust the concentration of ROX on different instruments.

Product features

  • Very high plateau value
  • All platform universality
  • Ideal balance between specificity and sensitivity 

Product advantages

  • Ideal balance of specificity and sensitivity: The Taq Pro DNA Polymerase is an advanced, antibody-based heat-activated Polymerase with an optimized Buffer for qPCR and a patented specific promoter, avoiding non-specific amplifiers and primer dimers
  • Ultra-high amplification plateau value: The amplification yield is significantly enhanced, with ultra-high amplification plateau value
  • Broad platform applicability: Special ROX reference dyes are suitable for all qPCR instruments, avoiding adjustment of ROX concentration on different instruments