The expression compact mass spectrometer (CMS) — the standard for mass analysis in chemistry laboratories around the globe — now includes a teaching package, providing professors the ability to offer students with industry-related experience and knowledge in mass spectrometry.

The expression CMS is a research-grade mass spectrometer and, combined with its one-click software, ease of use and compact size, offers a perfect solution for students.

When a class is not in session, the system can be used for research projects, making this a truly versatile solution for university laboratories looking for sophisticated instruments coupled with streamlined teaching modules.

Advion brings mass spectrometry into classrooms by offering:

  • A compact, user-friendly benchtop mass spectrometer for both researchers and students
  • Five hours of recorded lectures that go beyond the essentials of mass spectrometry and include a variety of sampling methods, showing students real-world examples used in the chemistry workplace
  • Lecture slides to share or adapt to your own teaching style

Comprehensive Lecture Materials

A ready-to-teach curriculum is included in the teaching package, making it the perfect solution for undergraduate and teaching chemistry programs. Lectures include:

  • Introduction to mass spectrometry: A lecture course on ion source, ion detection,  mass spectrometer instrumentation, and generation/interpretation of mass spectra
  • Direct probe sample introduction: Explaining the atmospheric solids analysis probe (ASAP) including positive and negative ion switching, workflow, the impacts of gas flow and temperature, and example applications
  • Flow injection analysis: Direct injection, including ESI and APCI hints, sample concentrations and guidelines, solvent considerations, and examples
  • LC/MS techniques: An introduction to liquid chromatography, column choices, and HPLC system components as well as mobile phase flow rates and composition, LC/MS, and solvent details
  • Plate Express TLC plate reader: An introduction to direct mass analysis of TLC plates including normal phase and reversed-phase TLC plates, system operation, buffers and solvents, and application data
  • Other compact mass spec techniques: Flash, SFC, prep-liquid, flow, and more

Easy, Student-Friendly Software: CheMS

Advion also provides a user-friendly CheMS software that is perfect for teaching applications. The interface streamlines the mass spectrometry experience, enabling users to rapidly opt for the type and workflow of compounds they wish to inspect with just a few clicks of the mouse. The sophisticated software automatically improves the ion source and data acquisition parameters to guarantee clean, easy-to-read peaks without needing the users to be an expert in mass spectrometry.

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