Tecnai Transmission Electron Microscope from FEI

Tecnai Transmission Electron Microscope from FEI

Tecnai G2 Spirit optical systems are specifically designed to deliver both the sub-nanometer resolution in TEM & STEM modes as well as high contrast. Moreover, Tecnai G2 Spirit offers possibilities to configure it for different experiments, such as correlative microscopy and various techniques for 3D- and cryo imaging.

Through its Tecnai microscope line-up, FEI offers a completely automated tomography solution for 3D structural studies in both TEM and STEM modes. It consists of three software modules: the Automated Tomography Data Acquisition Software, Inspect3D for alignment and reconstruction of the 3D model, and the visualization package Amira for rendering, quantification and visualization. Furthermore, FEI offers a complete workflow solution for cryo experiments which encompasses an automated cryo sample preparation tool, cryogenic sample protection and handling, completed with easy low dose imaging acquisition routines on embedded cameras.

Extensive automation and embedding of hardware make operation fast and easy, allowing researchers to concentrate on the science rather than the operation of the microscope.


  • Highly flexible instrument to accommodate various applications
  • Optimized for cryo applications
  • Maximum ease of use through embedded solutions