Teneo VS™ SEM from Thermo Fisher Scientific

Teneo VS™ SEM is a novel Serial Block Face Imaging solution that combines mechanical sectioning with virtual sectioning using Thermo Fisher Scientific's proprietary Multi-Energy Deconvolution to facilitate automated acquisition of large sample volumes at isotropic resolution.

Serial Block Face Scanning Electron Microscopy, while enabling 3D reconstruction of large tissue volumes, presents challenges such as an inherent limitation on the axial resolution.

Teneo VS is the first Serial Block Face imaging solution combining physical sectioning with a proprietary virtual slicing method to enable automated acquisition of large volumes with dramatically improved axial resolution. Teneo VS provides high quality data from all samples with a dedicated low vacuum detector for optimal imaging conditions and improved resolution, making it ideal for challenging samples.


  • Truly isotropic 3D data from large volumes: Excellent z-resolution from Multi-Energy Deconvolution SEM combined with the efficiency of in situ sectioning.
  • Highest contrast and resolution on all samples: Highest contrast and optimal SNR with in-lens and in-column detectors for HiVac, as well as dedicated detectors for optimal resolution in LoVac.
  • Simple switch between normal SEM use and serial block face imaging: Compact, stage-mounted microtome allowing easy exchange.
  • Instant productivity for all operators: High degree of automation and design for ease-of-use adding to operator efficiency and inspiring greater experimentation.
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy thanks to workflow solutions: Fast identification of regions of interest by CLEM approaches and large volume coverage with automated multi-tile set runs.