Technologically, the SMART 6 is the most advanced microwave moisture analyzer in the world for quick moisture/solids analysis. The system uses microwave and infrared combined to rapidly analyze moisture and solids in any product. It offers the quickest and most complete drying available as a result of the patented dual-frequency drying energy source. It is also able to analyze the widest range of sources.


  • Up to 40% faster (compared to the SMART 5 Turbo)
  • Able to analyze both dry and wet samples on one system
  • Compact and lightweight making for easy at-line placement
  • Direct loss on drying measurement
  • Uses AOAC approved methods: 985.14, 2008.06, PVM 1:2004

Sample Types

  • Animal feeds
  • Chemicals
  • Dairy
  • Household
  • Meat
  • Paints and coatings
  • Personal care
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Processed foods
  • Pulp and paper
  • Wastewater

Rapid Analysis in Less Than Five Minutes

Use the SMART 6 Moisture and Solids Analyzer together with the ORACLE for rapid moisture/solids and fat in one system. This unique system combines the no fat method development in the ORACLE with the dual-energy drying in the SMART 6.

This results in a very accurate moisture/solids and fat result in less than five minutes. The system comes pre-programmed and includes a library of optimized drying methods for pairing with the ORACLE.