Thermogravimetric Analyzer for TGA Analysis - PrepASH

The prepASH® TGA instrument available from Precisa integrates accuracy, high performance, measurement integrity, and easy operation to increase precision and time in TGA analysis. In addition, the instrument ensures traceability in all measurements.

PrepASH® allows automatic TGA analysis of ash, moisture, volatile substances, and fixed carbon special application for coke and coal, in compliance with ASTM no D 5142-09.

Through the combination of automation, furnace, and high precision balance, the prepASH® range considerably reduces the workload via the simultaneous TGA analysis of moisture, volatile substances, and ash content for up to 29 samples.

The prepASH® 340 thermogravimetric analyzer series includes three new models that offer the ultimate level of TGA analysis and provide a special combination of the key advantages listed below.

The key features of TGA Thermogravimetric Analyzer include the following:

  • A single unit that integrates a desiccator, drying oven, analytical balance, and furnace to save valuable bench space
  • Dynamic TGA test measurement allows quick completion of a run if weight loss ends, thereby decreasing energy costs and reducing run-times
  • Helps improve safety and health in the laboratories by reducing the handling of concentrated acids and/or hot samples as part of the analysis cycle
  • It is possible to add standalone control to reduce the need and bench space for a dedicated PC for control and data storage
  • The validation and traceability of results using the prepASH® internal self-verification checks throughout the complete cycle
  • Up to 29 samples can be examined at the same time
Thermogravimetric Analyzer for TGA Analysis — PrepASH

Thermogravimetric Analyzer for TGA Analysis — PrepASH