TissueFAXS Histo is an upright brightfield only system for the scanning and analysis of slides, cytospins, smears and Tissue Microarrays. The system is equipped with HistoQuest or StrataQuest Histo image analysis solftware.

Scan Only icon 40 TF Histo is also available in a Scan Only configuration.

Upgrade icon 50 TF Histo can be upgraded to the TF PLUS configuration.

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TissueFAXS Histo is TGs upright brightfield system.

It scans and analyse samples on slides and slide-based sample containers in brightfield mode.

TissueFAXS Histo stages

The system comes equipped with an 8-slide stage.

TissueFAXS Histo objectives

TissueFAXS Histo camera & light source

TG continuously checks the market for cameras and other technical equipments to provide those solutions that deliver top performance and are cost-effective. The TissueFAXS i Histo standard camera and light source is a good example of this successful strategy.

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TissueFAXS Scanning and Image Management software

TissueFAXS Scanning and Management software integrates all the hardware components into an easy to use workflow with full, walk-away automation capabilities.

Upgrade icon 50 Upgrading your TissueFAXS Histo

Customizing your TissueFAXS Histo with different or more objectives will not be considered as an upgrade within the scope of this article (of course, TG Sales and TG support are always ready to advise you on these subjects).

The same applies if special system configurations for non-standard tasks are required.

The TissueFAXS Histo system can be upgraded to the following configurations and with the following performance enhancing packages:

  1. TissueFAXS PLUS (adding brightfield scanning)


An upgrade to a TissueFAXS PLUS system involves adding and integrating the following components for brightfield scanning:

  • The fluorescence optical axis
  • A second camera port
  • A PCO Pixelink USB fluorescence camera
  • An EXFO Excite 120 PCQ light source

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