Triathlon Partial Knee Resurfacing from Stryker

Triathlon PKR is a fixed bearing unicompartmental, or unicondylar, knee that blends the ease and familiarity of a measured resection system with the control of a gap balancing system. This bone-preserving approach eliminates the need to violate the intramedullary (IM) canal, and provides the potential to return patients back to their normal activities.

The Triathlon Partial Knee Resurfacing (PKR) System was designed to make unicompartmental knee resurfacing (UKR) potentially easier and more straight forward. The patented single radius design, coupled with the ability to balance the flexion and extension gaps, is intended to produce more stable, natural knee motion. The result is an elegant solution, helping to restore normal physiologic ligament tension and knee kinematics throughout the range of motion.

Features & Benefits

Ligament Balancing – designed to restore normal physiological ligament tension.

Anatomic Shape – the femoral component features a 7.5° bend to match the natural curve of the femoral condyle.

Easy Size Interchangeability – bone cuts are the same for all 6 sizes. This provides intra-operative flexibility to change sizes without recutting the femur.

Straightforward Gap Balancing Technique – instruments designed to provide a simple way to balance flexion and extension gaps and restore normal ligament tension.

Forgiving Design – the femoral component can withstand up to +/- 10 degrees of malalignment without edge loading.