Maximize the efficiency of your gas chromatography (GC) analysis with our TurboMatrix® MultiPrep Autosamplers. For standard liquid injection and sample handling to advanced multi-purpose functionality, these systems provide the most versatile and efficient sample preparation for any lab operation.

Our industry-leading TurboMatrix portfolio of sample preparation technologies now includes TurboMatrix MultiPrep and MultiPrep+ Autosamplers. These versatile rail-based systems are built to work with our Clarus® 590 and 690 GC systems and designed with time-saving, automated capabilities so you can simply set up and walk away. The Turbo Matrix MultiPrep Autosampler gives you an economical but greatly expanded automated liquid handling solution. Our full-featured MultiPrep+ Autosampler provides a long-rail option for greater sample capacity and the ability to perform Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME), Syringe Headspace and Liquid Handling all on one instrument.