TwinCore Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer from Z-SC1 Biomedical

We have developed a product which stands out from the others. It’s the safest ultra low temperature freezer on the market. Our support and service network will support you, even though our freezers are considered ‘problem free’ machines.

TwinCore© includes the WizBox with the ability to predict freezer’s failure. This ULT monitoring system is a unique proactive maintenance device! This new and revolutionary accessory will make your ultra low temperature freezer always backed up with a 24/7 preventive maintenance strategy for stabilizing the reliability of the equipment.

It’s also green, with 75% less heat rejection that standard cascade refrigeration.

TwinCore© ultra-low freezers are designed for -96°C storage of high-value samples. Prefect for critical material storage in bio-repositories, medical research facilities, BSL4 labs, hospitals…

TwinCore© Technology employs 2 optimized autocascade compressors. However it only requires one compressor to hold temperature up to -82.

Because it has two complete and separate refrigeration systems, unlike the leading brand competitor’s system, it has true backup and will maintain set point up to -82 at all-time and not only -60 for couple of hours. The second will act as a backup. Energy usage is also dramatically reduced.

Key Features

  • 7″ Touch-screen controller with WiZBOX system: Setpoints, alarms, diagnostics, password, freezer ID, Inventory management System
  • High efficiency dual cooling system
  • Filter free mechanism, lowers the heat rejection
  • Unique double evaporator design with maximum contact on walls for the fastest cooling down
  • Adjustable shelves available in HDPE or stainless steel
  • Automatic voltage compensator protects electrical components
  • Full length door handle with Ergonomic Safety Latch
  • 100% Natural refrigerant at low pressure
  • Pull Up capacity almost 12H, no CO2 Back-Up required