UC90 Color Camera from Olympus Life Science Solutions

The 9-megapixel UC90 camera captures it all: brightfield images of superior quality, and up to 4K UHD imaging. Whatever your imaging needs are, expect no less than exceptional results in image quality, sensitivity, dynamic range, and color fidelity.

Working with the UC90 is easy. Simply switch between different observation modes with just a single click. The large field of view makes it easier than ever before to capture samples with full resolution and to take full advantage of your Olympus optics.

In combination with its high frame rate, the UC90 offers fluid sample navigation and focusing, making it effortless and convenient to locate regions of interest right on your screen. See all the details and not the noise with OSIA, the exclusive Olympus noise reduction technology. Excellent microscope imaging has never been as easy and versatile as with the UC90.

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Maximum Image Information

The 1-inch high-definition CCD sensor of the UC90 covers almost the full C-mount image area. This translates into an unparalleled large field of view, which allows you to capture more of your sample with each single shot while exploiting the full resolution of your objectives.

UC90 with Microscope and Monitor

UC90 attached to a IX83 Olympus microscope and controlled by the Olympus cellSens imaging software

Equipped with a high-performance 9-megapixel CCD the UC90 captures vivid images with high resolution and exceptional clarity. Award-winning color reproduction technology working in real time and advanced integrated raw data shading correction offer additional benefits to get every detail out of the image.

Sensor Size Comparison

White: 1 inch sensor (UC90); Red: 2/3 inch sensor; Green: 1/1.8 inch sensor; and Orange: 1/2.5 inch sensor. The 1 inch sensor of the UC90 covers nearly the same field of view that can be seen through the oculars. There’s no need to switch to a lower magnification and to sacrifice resolution to capture the sample as you see it in the microscope. (Specimen: Lung section)

Unwanted color casts are automatically removed during live image acquisition via the integrated automatic white balance (AWB). The results are images with always perfectly balanced.

Noise-Free Images

The UC90 features OSIA (Olympus Smart Image Averaging), the exclusive Olympus active noise reduction technology. Using OSIA you can easily acquire clean and virtually noise-free images. OSIA works in live mode without reducing the frame rate or introducing artifacts, and without the need of active sensor cooling.

Noise-free High-resolution Images

The noise-free high-resolution images of the 9-megapixel sensor allow you to zoom deep into your sample, revealing all of its structures. (Specimen: Brain section)

This powerful technology helps to always capture all the details of your sample regardless of imaging conditions and makes the camera suitable for a broad array of applications that traditionally were the domain of cooled cameras. In combination with the camera’s 14-bit depth, OSIA allows you to use the UC90’s extraordinary dynamic range to its full potential.

The Active Noise Reduction

See the details, not the noise. The active noise reduction of the UC90 makes it possible to capture details of your sample that would otherwise be blurred by noise. (Specimen: Human colon)

One Camera, Multiple Applications

One Camera captures it all

The various acquisition modes of the UC90 offer full flexibility. With just one click you can switch between the different modes. Thanks to the Quad-Tap Readout technology used in the UC90, the camera achieves fast frame rates of up to 19.5 frames per second (fps) at full resolution.

One Camera for Multiple Applications

Bright field image of a lung section captured in color mode.

Various binning modes give you the ability to increase the frame rates even further, making observation and focusing fast and easy with up to 57 fps in 4x binning allowing the capturing of fast processes.

One Camera for Multiple Applications

Bright field image of bone and cartilage captured in color mode

4K UHD: Ready for the Digital Future

The UC90 offers additional Full HD and 4K UHD modes for both images and video capture. Make use of every pixel of modern 4K UHD monitors and video projectors to evaluate and present your sample in full detail without the otherwise necessary downscaling on standard lower-resolution displays and devices.

Work Quickly and Conveniently

Fast Live, Focus Peaking, and Faithful Panoramic Imaging

Dedicated new features make working with the UC90 even more convenient. The Fast Live function keeps the frame rate up whatever the exposure. This makes fluid sample navigation and precise focusing easier than ever before, even in low light levels.

Image Navigator

The Image Navigator function gives you an overview of the acquired image and helps to switch between different areas of interest.

Two user-selectable and customizable Focus Peaking modes directly highlight all focused areas in the live image, making it really simple to acquire images with best possible sharpness and quality. With automatic and manual image stitching and thanks to the large field of view, images from multiple sample regions can be quickly combined into a single high-quality Brightfield panoramic image.

Focus Peaking

Directly see what’s in focus with the easy-to-use Focus Peaking function (The red color highlights the "in focus" parts).


Capture and document large samples with the powerful automatic or manual image stitching function.

Efficient and Intuitive Operation

The UC90 is fully operated using the OLYMPUS cellSens imaging software, making it quick and easy to reach the camera’s full potential while always ensuring intuitive operation – from image acquisition to image processing, report generation, data export, and global networking.

Easy Installation and Fast Data Transfer

The UC90 features a state-of-the-art USB 3.0 interface for best possible performance, fast image transfer, and easy connection to compatible computers with just a single cable.