UVIvue Transilluminator from UVITec Cambridge

UVIvue Transilluminator from UVITec Cambridge

The widest transilluminator range

  • Superb quality
  • Electronic ballast as standard
  • Stainless steel filter frames and longlife filters
  • Dual wavelength combinations
  • UV blocking cover
  • Stainless steel filter frames and longlife filters

For the optimum visualisation of agarose or polyacrylamide gels, UVItec offers what is probably the widest available range of ultraviolet transilluminators. The ‘mini’ range takes 8W tubes and can have filter sizes up to 21 x 26cm. With the standard sized range, filter sizes up to 20 x 40cm are possible. All models are of superb quality with stainless steel filter frames, longlife filters and highly polished ‘ondulex’ reflectors for ultimate efficiency. An adjustable UV blocking cover is included to protect the user from harmful UV. The range now includes electronic ballast technology as standard with the exception of the dual wavelength and the white light models. This new technology reduces flicker, provides instant switch on and allows dual intensity to be a standard feature. 

Extensive range

There are more than 30 models in the entire UVItec range, including two sizes of unit (mini and standard), five sizes of viewing filter and three different wavelength ranges. Mini units (BXT, BTS) have a small footprint of 34 x 26cm while standard units (SXT, STS) have a footprint of 47 x 33cm. Filter sizes of 15 x 15cm, 20 x 20cm and 21 x 26cm are available for mini units while standard unit filters can be up to 20 x 40cm. Wavelength ranges of maximum 254nm, 312nm and 365nm are available as well as dual wavelength and white light models.

Highest performance

The highly polished ‘ondulex’ reflectors positioned behind the UV tubes give the highest possible efficiency of UV output, superior to that achieved by plain aluminium. The filter material is also chosen for maximum transmission of the chosen wavelength range as well as long life usage (unlimited at 365 and 312nm, up to 3000 hours at 254nm).

Facilitates gel handling

The transfer and positioning of wet gels onto the transilluminator surface is facilitated by the smooth, scratch resistant stainless steel filter frame and the highly polished filter surface.

The angle-adjustable UV blocking cover offers hands-free protection to users from the harmful UV rays.

Enhanced documentation

The absence of visible background light and minimal IR output from the Ultravue transilluminator enable broad transmission camera filters to be used. This ensures that maximum transmission of the fluorescent signal is always achieved. For sybr® green documentation, Ultravue is preferable to visible (blue light) illumination in which a large part of the signal is always lost while filtering out the blue background light.