The Ultima In Vivo is specifically designed for researchers using whole animal models with up to 17 inches of clearance under the objective lens. Users can adjust sample or microscope with mounted movable posts to easily achieve the optimum experiment setup for each specimen.

Some of the more common uses of the Ultima In Vivo system include: deep tissue imaging, functional imaging, optogenetics, high-speed two photon imaging, and 3D montage imaging for neuronal tracing analysis. Using the Ultima In Vivo researchers can perform simultaneous imaging and photostimulation, as well as record integration with external stimuli while in vivo.


  • In Vivo upright optical platform
  • Ultima scanhead with 6mm galvanometers tuned for imaging
  • Laser delivery optics and Pockels cell
  • Motorized Z focus
  • 2 multi-alkali PMT detectors
  • Prairie View control and imaging software
  • Input/output triggering
  • 8 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs