Ultra Fast Spectrophotometer - Photopette from Tip Biosystems

Photopette®, developed by Tip Biosystems, is a low-cost portable device used for producing photometric analysis of liquid samples at speeds of less than two seconds per measurement. This is achieved using its advanced optical system, innovative disposable measurement tip (CuveTip™), and seamless integration with cloud, web and mobile systems.

Simplicity and safety are two key features of Photopette. This device is very simple to use, allowing users of any skill set to accomplish accurate photometric analysis. Tip Biosystems’s disposable CuveTip™, which acts as both a sample holder and a light-reflecting system, guarantees minimal sample loss in addition to eliminating the risk of contamination between samples, and requires only small sample volumes to achieve highly precise measurements.

This hand-held and portable device offers unique convenience and reduces the need for a laboratory environment or specialized equipment. Its wireless connectivity with smart phones or tablets as well as advanced features such as Geo-Tagging, Time Stamp, Notes and Photo reduce workflow by enabling simple application selection, collection, analysis, and sharing/upload of data in real-time.

Photometric applications like cell culture (mammalian, yeast or bacteria), enzymatic assays and protein quantification can be achieved in any environment using this device, from the lab to the field. There are three different Photopette® models currently available:

Photopette® – Cell System

Intended for cell biology applications, The Photopette® Cell System enables photometric measurements for 600 nm, 570 nm and 340 nm wavelengths without the need for sample transfer into a cuvette.

Photopette® – OEM

The Photopette® OEM is tailored around specific user needs and requirements, thus encompassing the flexibility of this system. With this device, any photometric application can be achieved.

Photopette® – Custom

The Photopette® Custom enables photometric measurements for custom specified visible wavelengths. Users can customize their own Photopette® to include up to 3 wavelengths of choice between 250 nm and 1050 nm.

Feature Highlights

  • Hand-held and portable smart device
  • Disposable CuveTip
  • Innovative optical system
  • Photometric range: 0.000 AU - 3.000 AU
  • Rapid measurement speed (> 2 seconds)
  • Wavelength accuracy: +/- 2 nm
  • No cross contamination or sample transfer steps
  • No large sample volumes required (150 mL)
  • Measurement precision of better than +/- 0.020 AU
  • 25,000 measurements per single charge
  • Light-weight (160 g)
  • Highly affordable price
  • Simple to use - no training required
  • Advanced software applications
  • Ideal for use in life-sciences, environmental surveillance, food & beverages and chemical industries.